Our souls won't be exhumed

This is my way to let go my own feelings not being judged and remaining anonymous.

~Katedrála svatého Víta, Praha~
~Ramen Ya-Hiro, Barcelona~

Panoramic views

~Summer ‘14, Praha~

stephanie443 said: I absolutely adore you. Ur posts are simply amazing. What is your frankly.me nickname? Can we be friends there?

Aw… That’s cute x_x
So sorry Stephanie, I’m not familiar with this app. If you want to talk with me send me private messages. I would want to know about you!

When you know it’s over but you still haven’t started to fight.

When you’ve got him but you feel he’s leaving.

When you caress him but your fingers keep seeking his body. 

When you feel soulless, guilty and self-destroyed.

I’m not gonna make you whole…

Sleep disorders again. Dealing with my darkest thoughts…